SEO courses to guarantee results and qualitative growth positions in Kiev. Education -friendly methods of promotion of sites

Do you want to learn how to promote your website yourself ? Then you came to the right address. We offer our  SEO courses, training program has been developed and designed by us personally in all three classes. No useless theory to their students , we do not give , just really working appliances .

The course consists of three lessons .

One class lasts — 2 hours .

Course price — 2385 UAH .

Training takes place in Russian.

All classes are conducted individually by appointment . Payment can be made in parts after each session . The cost of one class 795 USD. We work from 10:00 to 21:00 . You may enroll at any time convenient for you . The courses are held at Kiev . ave . Paul Tychyna 1c . (Second floor ) , shopping center » Silver Breeze» +38 ( 099 ) 343-88-47 Are you tired of the fact that you are constantly deceived, and decided to learn how to move on their own ? We are ready to help you with this .

SEO Courses Kiev

Through our hands it’s been a decent amount of students, and all of them we have tried to teach well. Someone just wanted to see how it all works , so that would be nice to control those whom he had hired for his promotion . And some students begin to make on this , offering SEO services for money . Sometimes it happens that the owner of the company gives to the training of their own, and asks him to pump the well , which would later people in the state was able to engage in the promotion of the company’s search site .

Courses SEO — designed specifically for young business people, for business owners, for owners of his life. We explain very intelligibly. While listening to the course, you will be immersed in the kitchen with his head. The knowledge that you will receive during the training period will be relevant for at least another 5 years. Courses SEO.

SEO Courses Kiev, then you need to understand one simple thing, promoting themselves on their own, you will spend 100% of the budget on your site, rather than the salary SEO studio. This elementary savings, as well as qualitative growth of your positions. Be sure bad we do not teach. 

Courses SEO online, since we started coming to the application from other cities , we thought , and decided to just teach people remotely. We have developed online courses that almost nothing not differ from conventional courses. For training you only need to have a home : a computer , a microphone , headphones , and the program Team viewer remote access . Payment in such cases, the client is usually discards the card Privat Bank . SEO online courses provide an opportunity to receive training from the comfort of home. What should be said is very convenient.

SEO Training Courses of our customers should always be satisfied with the result . In training you will get premium knowledge in SEO . You will have the conceptual apparatus , as well as tools for the job. We very much value our reputation and therefore your positive feedback is very important to us . If students have questions after the course , we will be happy to answer them . 

SEO courses price of 100 % is justified , because this knowledge are very expensive . We share with our customers not bare theory of the books , and personal experiences and their practices . Good position in the search results when well-selling website , it is a good sale , and therefore a large profit. Historically, that SEO clicks get much cheaper than contextual advertising . Yes, it’s a long way of development of the site , but believe me it makes sense to go through. 

The courses are held in coworking .

SEO Training
SEO Training

Courses for promotion of sites on Google you will run a true professional , a man who worked in the CEO for five years , and we can say on this matter has eaten the dog . No question will be left unanswered . Information sometimes is repeated 10 times , that she learned well . But of course fully understand everything , you can only when they themselves undertake the promotion of your site . Understanding will , when you will be the first success of your site . Theory without practice is not sustainable .

Online SEO Training Course assessed quite expensive in comparison to how much people spend on their monthly promotion . During the course you will receive expert assessment of the site, as well as real Recommendations made by the CEO . Yes, we really want to , that would be successful people in our country is becoming more and more.

Plan of the education:

lesson №1

The first lesson we learn the internal website optimization .

What site should be in order that would like to search engines .    

  •  The uniqueness and long texts    
  •  Keywords    
  •  perelink
  •   Site Map    
  •  The robots.txt file    
  •  301 redirect     
  • Proper filling of meta data

lesson №2

The second lesson we learn seoshnyh services . All you can come in handy at work.   

  • Let us learn to check the position of the site   
  •  Learn how to analyze competitors    
  •  Learn how to conduct a search site audit

lesson №3

At the third session, we will buy links as well as study the behavioral factors that affect the ranking .    

  •  Let us learn to select good donor for your site     
  • We will study the work of links exchanges

SEO Training , teaching holds not just a specialist in SEO and it is the teacher . The explanation comes easily understood language, so that the client with any level of training could deal in everything . This is not just nachitka lectures, but it’s more like working with a tutor .

SEO Online Training , we have long ago found and tried this method of teaching . Perhaps he did not much inferior to the direct physical contact , but it is not much . And if a person lives in another city and want to be trained , then this is a good way out.    

 >> The course from the standpoint of growth guarantee <<

Coach of SEO

courses in SEO in Kiev
courses in SEO in Kiev

The site of my first student :

Сайт ученика

The site of the current client :

Сайт клиента

The data presented above are derived from the Google search engine . As in Ukraine, people are more used by Google , and the focus we do on Google .

If you are interested in our courses , hurry to enroll in the course , we are waiting for you!

SEO Courses

SEO Courses